Monday, November 10, 2008


Sunday went as to be expected after a recovery week. Legs felt fine just no zip. I felt good warming up, & early in the race. When it was time to punch the clock I just didn't have the extra gear to go with Jeff & David. I'm not going to let it kill my morale. I know in a few weeks the recovery week will pay off in spades.

Roger laid out a really HARD course with zero recovery(ie pavement). Lots of climbing & thick grass. One really cool off camber downhill/uphill turn toward the finish which was very fun(especially when I stuck Andy in the tape). It did have a crazy dangerous downhill, off camber, pot holed, loose gravel, dismount to uneven stairs. The dismount scared the hell out of me & I was getting off the bike a good 5 feet before the stairs & purposely running across them into the tape to get to more grass to slow my roll. Roger listened to the racers & removed this section for the last two races. The loop was a hair short & we had to deal with a ton of lapped traffic. We managed to catch the women's leader Jen of SKC in the run up on the last lap. Sorry for cutting you off Jen. Its hard to squeeze 3 guys past that much lapped traffic(she was lapping people herself).

The stairs.

360 Sunday group ride.

Look closely & you'll see me throwing in the towel. Lost the sprint for 3rd overall, rolled in 5th(3rd in 35+). 3rd Place should be good enough to ensure the win in the series though. DeStad series final is Sunday in Leavenworth again.

Pics from Roger & Scott


  1. Okay, after looking at pre-dismount pics maybe cross is not for me...Congrats on a great season so far. How is the family?

  2. Cross is for everyone. Family is doing great except for an ear infection that Mia can't get rid of.

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Yea, I wouldn't get to down on that result- you can't stay in peak form all season! It's not like you got beat me :) See you next out there next week.

  4. The result was expected just hate getting beat, especially by Lucas.