Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bubba in the dark

I had reservations about another cross race in the dark, but the Bubba boys out did themselves & put on a spectacle (only word to describe it). Deep fields, A DJ, flashing lights, enough lights that there were no dark spots on the course, a fast course(tons of switchbacks), a flyover, & lots of beer, which led to rowdy fans, dollar hand ups, & beer in the face(I got spit on several times coming down the flyover). The flyover is crazy. I've climbed rock walls easier to get up than this thing. The first lap it was a giant cluster F! You basically rode up dismounted & waited your turn to go up & then watched as the lead group of 5 took off. I recovered & got in the 2nd group of 5 & that's where I stayed. The 5 shuffled around but basically, Dr. Mark, me, Jeff Winkler, Dave Breslin, & a Mesa guy I don't know. Died a little in the last lap but held on for 9th which got me $40. An actual payout. He who wont be named won & he didn't lap me. Yep I stayed on the lead lap surprisingly since the laps were about 4:30-5 min long. The white Challnege Grifo XS file threads were the ticket @ 30 psi. The new insulated skinsuit kept me snuggly warm.

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