Monday, November 17, 2008

DeStad Final in Pics (my own, not stolen for a change)

My #1 fan

The Heat showed up in force, with most of the heavy hitters from the Master's showing.

Mark Studnicki, Me, Jeff Winkler, Tom Price

The new Skinsuits. Do they make me look fat?

Tom, Jeff, & Me. Jeff would go on to win. Tom would crash so I could pass him to finish 2nd. Tom took a hard fall & either broke a bone or separated his shoulder. I hope the later since that heals faster. Old guys don't bounce so well. But I was glad to see Tom & Mark both line up since it made for some super fast, really fun racing.

Cobbles baby! Ala Koppenbergcross. Very Belgie.

Paint drying.

What can I say I root for the under dog. Fighting the under dog battle all of the DeStad Series. Dan made a race of it in the 45+. I really wanted him to take the overall. Oh well as he says its all in fun.

I got the top spot in the 35+ for the series. Mia decided to do some podium practice for later on. Yes that is a Challenge Podium hat! Thank you Don Kellogg & Greg Keller.

On the way home about Clinton, no Taco Hell stop this week.

I didn't have to work on Monday so I spent my recovery day laying floor in my bedroom. Amber likes it, but I'm a little disappointed because I think it makes our room look smaller.


  1. Nice work! I like your podium girl.

  2. you guys were KILLING it up front...with all the "OLD" guys lining up it made for a super HOT start. Great job on taking the series.

  3. I was worried about the start with the twistiness/narrowness of it & having to start on the 2nd row. The pre reg call up stuck some guys(not JB) on the front who had no business being on the front row. Made for some interesting traffic weaving at speed. Hopefully next year they do call ups by series rankings, not pre registration.

  4. I appreciate the support, but Steve definitely deserved to win the series....hell he won 5 races! Lets face it I'm still a gear or two away from the front runners.

    In an earlier post you talked about my consistency.....In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds"....I don't think that driving 750+ miles round trip to race cross would qualify as wise consistency!!

    It is a great scene in the KC area and it is sure a lot of fun to come down and be a part of it.

  5. What can I say I'm a sucker for the long haul racer. I'm at 400+ round trip to race CX. I agree with you on the scene in KC.(I'll report on the St. Louis scene after this wknd) I was in the same boat your in. Winkler won every race he entered. Just got him because he went to the Louville to race. Anything can happen in a series.