Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie Day

Today I let Mia stay home from daycare for a daddie & Mia day. If figure with her days of being the only child fleeting I need to give her some one on one attention while I can. She really likes 3 D movies after seeing Toy Story 3D. She says the "movie is in her face". So I forked over the $20 for two tickets to see another 3D movie with her. 3D will be the death of watching movies at the theater, wait and see. Way too spendy. Anyway we went and saw Despicable Me. I was a little disappointed. I guess I shouldn't have been with all the hype. Turns out a movie with the main character & most of the supporting cast having shows on NBC is going to be a big advert. They didn't even try and make it subtle advertising for NBC & PlayStation Wii. But I guess its a kid movie & they are advertising to the audience. Mia managed to eat most of a giant bucket of popcorn while watching it. She enjoyed it so money well spent.

We came home and took a PHAT nap. I ended up napping longer since Amber came home. Since I've not been riding lately I've been a napping machine. Strange when I need the rest I can't get it. When I don't all I can do is sleep. hmmm?

I did a little bike shop work for a friend of a friend then we headed over for dinner at Los Portales. If you follow me on Twitter or the Facebook you know how much we eat here. Best Spanglish food in Springfield. Plus ICE COLD Negra Medolo's what more do you need.

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