Tuesday, July 13, 2010


First off for those who don't follow me on the Facebook or the Twitter.  Amber & I are having a baby BOY!  I had all but convinced myself we would end up with two girls.  One of each just seems right.

Other news:  What else is going on?  Thanks to a technology fail a big long blog post vanished off into the tubes of the web never to be seen again.  I figured I better update this thing or take it down.  The new Design feature let me shoot some life into the format so maybe I'll dabble in more than 140 characters a little more.

Training Time Trial Series.  I'm a race promoter now.  Crazy I know.  After the initial jitters it is actually fun.  Make a flier.  Hand them out to the local shops. Make a Facebook Event pageMark a course. Time it & post some results & presto your a race promoter.  Turn out was about what I expected for a time trial, on Tuesday nights, that isn't on the East side of town.  But its a race with payouts in Springfield. Not many of those.  Two more to go. Tonight & the following week.  The last TT(7/20/10) is free to all & there will be payouts at that one as well. FREE MONEY! 

Other News: I haven't rode in 2 months.  Decided that with the kid on the way & my new work schedule its not fair to the family to go racing on the 2 weekends I have off every 8 weeks.  Race wheels are hung up for now(that means no cross!).  I think it is time to start some training though before I turn into Jabba the Hut.  Plus Baby Boy Dunsmuir is due Thanksgiving Day. That means I need to run REALLY fast at the Turkey Trot this year.  I've run 17:30 on the old course.  Haven't yet broke 18 on this course.  Might need to log some miles & get into the low 17's so I can get to Labor & Delivery. It's possible; I ran 19:13 with zero run training.

I think I'm going to use the time I would normally spend riding to fully rehab my shoulder & back.  When I was Adventure Racing I was a lot fitter because of all the cross training.  Its time to get back(no pun) to a more fitter well rounded Scott.  Then when I do race CX again I can be faster.

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