Thursday, May 28, 2009

West Bound & Down

Taking off work early tomorrow since I have myself a series pass for all 3 days of Tulsa Tough. Hopefully this year will be less eventful/stressful than last & won't end in an ER visit. New tires hopefully will show on the door step before I leave (supposed to have been her two days ago!)

Little leery of 3 straight days of racing. Not been recovering as fast this year & so not sure how my legs will respond from 3 days of racing. Will be cool to look at the Power Files since this is the first race I'll have multiple years to look at. Also big fields & the first crits, for me, of the season(always scary). Plus Only have 2 days of Slimen Hot weather gear to race in might have to rent myself out for the third day.

Saw Floyd's name in the start list. As the B town Reject says "He is just another fodder in the pack these days". I don't care he still won the Tour & I'd rather see him race than the Lance(real pack fodder).

I'll try & update some more. Busy as hell these days. If nothing else I'll be sure to give my review of the Giro. Pate Rulz by the way! The Great White Hype is still a douche. Claims hill records but gets dropped like a freaking hot potatoe on a Cat 2 climb...douche.

"14:06 CEST
Not to be worn out chasing all day, Rabobank placed two men in the move - Mauricio Ardila and Maarten Tjallingii. Serramenti also had two - Scarponi, our stage 6 winner, and Francesco De Bonis.

A total of 20 riders made up the breakaway.

14:09 CEST

However, Danielson and Wiggins were dropped on the first classified climb of the day, the category 2 Monte delle Cesane, making it 18 men out front."

I don't care if Wiggins is a Brit he's now a douche too. He could loose that staus with the coolest shoes on the planet though.


  1. I could have sworn that Oscar P. won the TdF the year Floyd stood atop the podium... hmmm, guess I'm reading the record books wrong.

    You are correct about the Lance, felt almost sad for him when he tried to bridge to Franco... almost.

  2. The "record books" can't erase my memory or for that matter.