Wednesday, November 28, 2007

16 days & 3 races to go

CX season has flown by. Only 16 more days & 3 races to go till Nationals. Last check had my age group @ 160 entries. That's insane. I'm glad I got a good grid spot. I'm starting to wind things down on the training front. Today was one of my last hard practices. Just need to sharpen the pencil with some good racing. Not much more I can do to make my legs go faster. I'm cutting out the running in an effort to keep my legs under me. Tomorrow will probably be my last barrier workout. Training on the cross bike just beats you up too much. I've had enough bruises this year to color my whole body blue. Sunday I'm off to Boss Cross in KC. Should be a good time with lots of hard racing with Nationals so close. Next weekend is State CX & the long term forecast shows snow. What a way to spend my BDay wknd freezing in the snow racing Cross.

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