Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Trot 2007

There was a boat load of people(4000+) out this AM to brave the 28 degree weather. With the wind chill it felt like 20. Wish I had those shorts of TM's. Saw a bunch of people out that you normally only see on bikes, Greek, Stokes (He got 3rd in his age group), Patrick A&B. Accomplished the sub 20. Ran 18:45 by my watch. "Official" time will be a little faster because of the chip timing, it took me a few seconds to hit the "actual start line". Not my fastest 5k but pretty happy with it since I haven't ran a 5k race since last Turkey Trot. Even splits too 5:53,6:08,6:08, for a 6:02 avg. Avg HR was 170 with my max @ 180. That's only about 1000 calories. Guess I'll have to skip a few courses @ dinner.(I know TM & Skip will love that). Off to get my feed on. Hopefully my legs don't seize up on me this afternoon starting to feel that soreness creeping in.

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