Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Departed

Last night Amber & I cooked up some Tacos drank some Chills, & watched The Departed. I was surprised its the best movie I've watched in quite awhile. It had just about every big Hollywood Actor in it & if they weren't in it they were behind the scenes. Lots of intrigue, plot twists, & suspense. Granted some of the ascents were cheesy & even disappearing from time to time. All in all a good watch. Good enough the wife & I stayed up past 11pm. That's very late for us since we're normally in bed within an hour of Mia who goes to bed by 7:30. Yes we're old.

A few weeks ago I DVR'd a Curb Your Enthusiasm marathon on HBO. We've been watching some episodes between episodes of Dora the Explorer. Amber has decided I'm a lot like Larry David without the millions. I can't argue with her since a lot of the stuff he does I'm guilty of. I at least have all my hair.

Got lazy yesterday & didn't train. Weather was crap & I couldn't motivate to get on the trainer. Cale will get his wish & I'll go into this weekend flat.


  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    That's right yesterday was a key workout day. Should have hit it hard yesterday then do some endurance riding today and some small openers Friday and wham ready for the weekend. I got two sets of microbursts mixed into a 1.5 hour ride. Cold yes but with the right gear I survived it. Now you are in a tight spot do you go hard today this close to the weekend or just ride easy in an attempt to keep opened up? Good luck with that...CMac