Friday, December 21, 2007


Friday Night lights didn't happen. Mostly I got blown off for some PRO dude worshipping. Since I'm on the no call list I headed out to Sac solo this afternoon for some PRIMO SSing. Damn the trails were on. You boys missed out. Pretty warm too. The crowded parking lot led me to believe a lot of people were looking to get in some last minute mtbing before the snow tomorrow. I'm having so much fun on the ss'er I think I might even hit the trails in the snow on Sunday just for kicks.

I need to jump back to the beginning of my day to explain a little bit about my Sac experience. This AM I went over to our friends Mark & Mindy's (yes they've heard the Mork & Mindy jokes, most from me) to pull some cable for them in their new home. Mindy's 8 months pregnant & Mark had to work so I got some XMAS spirit & helped out. Easy pulls so not too bad. Except that is for the attic access, its like 30 feet in the air & all they had was a six foot ladder. I had to use some of my mad climbing skills to get up & down. Turns out I'm a little rusty because I crushed my right side ribs on one trip up. Ouch that hurt & still does. Nothing broken, I think, but sure smarts. That made turning to my right while riding hurt a little.

When I got out to Sac I met one of my readers. Every so often someone will come up & ask if I'm Scott & I'll get that deer in the head lights look. UMMM, yes. Turns out he got turned on to the old blog awhile back & checks in every so often. He needs to check in more often because I'm stuck at 90 readers a day, just can't quite make the magic century mark.

The XMAS Cross feast has started. How cool would that be to spend XMAS in Belgium watching 8 races in 2 weeks? That's my version of heaven. The Ridley Factory Team has a girl racing there this year. Check her blog out for a womens view of the XMAS Cross Feast. You can also follow on the Euro Cross Camp blog. & some coverage on Tristan Schouten's Blog.


  1. 85 of those hits are from me. and the other five, huh, I'm surprised you get that many.

  2. Thanks for the help. Actually Google tells you individual & repeat. Individual is at almost 90 repeat page views almost 200. I'm surprised I get that many hits too.

  3. They bailed! Homos. I was thinking yesterday while I was out zipping around, how fun it would be in that nice weather with lovely conditions. You are the last of the hard men...
    Na-Nu, Na-Nu!