Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good Weekend

It was a pretty good weekend because this started living in my garage on Saturday.
Saturday night I celebrated with a bottle of Sixth glass. Which made the weekend get better.It took less than 24 hours to take it off road to test the 4 wheel drive.
Because of this the weekend got better.
For the first time in over two years I got to go boating! Shoulder was fine. Temp was cold but I was dry and warm. Thanks to my dry suit & the seat warmers in the Volvo.


  1. Good one. Score!

    Seat heaters are the greatest! They keep the driver alert! Not to mention comfy. Oh and you have steering wheel stereo controls too. Ahhh...the good life.

    Where did you go boating? Anywhere is good. Pearson behind the house was the biggest I've seen. It actually looked like a river.

  2. Went to Bear was just at the min level. But still plenty of water for my return.

  3. Nice new ride, will look very cool with a roof rack and your gear on top. How was the brew?

  4. Scott, I have yakima clips for my old volvo. I don't know if they'll work on might want to see.

  5. Mikey my racks from the Subby fit perfect. Had them on this wknd to carry a friends whitewater canoe during shuttle. My WW play boat fits neatly in the back which is one of the reasons I love wagons so much. Pulled them off to help with gas mileage & noise control. Bike rack planned for future will be a hitch mount. Racks on top for boating purposes only. Expect more boating updates in the very near future.