Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kid Cage

I'm going too(spelled just for Skip & Shane) start marketing this:
Actually this is a rooster cage, like a shark cage but to protect from roosters.


  1. Most excellent.

    Is that in Booger Co?

  2. Scott I can't believe you posted this.. Now she really will be messed up bless her. I sure wish I coud have got the rooster in the picture as that was even funnier.

  3. She looks so sad. Help me daddy help me!!!

  4. She was having fun. just one of those expressions that the camera catches. Mom has some pretty big roosters so I can see the need for a rooster cage.

    Melody that'd be Ozark County. Pontiac, MO. Booger county is Douglas County. Why I have no idea. Been referred as that as long as I lived in Manhellfield.

  5. Yes she was having a blast, and yes she needed to be protected from Alex the rooster he is/was bigger than Mia.
    Scott you were probably to young to remember but we were the "outsiders" in "booger county" for a year when we first came to this country that is why we didn't buy a house there and landed in Mansfield. Also why I did not keep my job at the nursing home there and went to work in Mountain Grove.
    I had a good friend that lived in Hartville that was afraid to come to the lake with us because she wasn't sure she could get thru Ava before dark and was literally terrified that her car might break down. That was not that long ago.
    I have another friend that still will not come visit because he has to drive thru Douglas County.
    Yep this country is the greatest but it NEEDS change