Monday, June 09, 2008

BUSY Weekend

This weekend was very, very busy, but extremely fun. Friday afternoon my sister dropped off the twins for us to take to meet my mom. When I got home from work we loaded up & went to the greater greater metro area of Seymour to meet my mom so she could take Mia & the twins for the weekend.

Saturday we loaded up the Volvo, drove across town to pick up Amber's cousin & boyfriend to go to the STL with us to watch the Dave Mathews Show. JP was already up there to meet up with some friends of his wife(see JP isn't my gay lover(see comment in a previous post)). Once up there & after me playing a little mind game with Amber & her cousin. Very gullible girls those two. I yelled there's Dave as we were driving past Busch Stadium & I thought they were going to jump out of the car. Made me laugh.

After getting checked into the Hyatt Regency Riverside hotel(very fancy but over priced) we loaded up a taxi & headed over to the Brewery for some free beer & I guess the tour. Its been several years since I took the tour but the outcome is still the same. Free beer & an attempt to get more than the alloted 2. We were successful on both counts.

After the tour we headed on over to the show. For some reason the Black Crowes only played for 45 minutes so we got to hear most of their set while standing in various lines. Dave came on almost straight away & did not disappoint putting on an awesome show that lasted several hours. They even had a HD screen behind the band that was bigger than the side of a tractor trailer. Busch Stadium is a great venue for concert. With the stage in center field you get the back drop being the arch & all the high rises. Pretty cool.

Sunday I got up & around to head over to the Tour de Winghaven. Cool course but needs to have the fields separated. 130 guys in a cat 3/4 race is retarded. Some of the worst, if not the worst, bike handling/sketchiness I ever seen. People can be outright dumb. Throw in a super hard head wind & everyone puts on their idiot caps. Plus it was like 102 degrees. I pretty much rode around in the pack. I did bridge up to a break that I thought might go clear but they chased us down after a lap. Ended up 18th in the field sprint. Which is all right since I was a little overheated & starting to dehydrate. Went through 2 bottles in an hour. Knew I should have carried the 3rd one. It was a chip race so got to see my lap placings. 57,36,45,2,5,61,67,53,51,18 see what I mean about riding around in the pack? Funny side story is that I got told I was looking skinner than past years before the race. Thing is I'm 5-8lbs heavier than I normally am. I guess its the Slimen Unis. Black is slimming.

After the race I had to haul butt home since I had SRC's box tickets (suite 1 on the first base line)for the Cardinals game Sunday night. Made it home in time to get to the game at the top of the second inning. Was a good time & the cards came back from a 6-2 deficit to win with a walk off 3 run homer in the bottom of the 10th. That was my first walk off homer game so that was pretty cool.

Needless to say I'm a little tired today. I'm also still suffering a little from getting a little dehydrated Sunday. All that coupled with the rain made me drive to work this AM. Feel like a slacker but can't totally cook my legs since Sunday is the AR State TT. Really want to do a descent time to see where my form is at for the MO State TT. What sucks is this will be the 3rd straight weekend in a hotel bed.


  1. Amber1:47 PM

    Yay for Dave Matthews Band concert!! Everyone had a great time and now we're traveling to Memphis to see him again in August!!!

  2. Now that sounds like a great weekend! Cool to see your lap positions with the chips. Good luck in AR next weekend, pull off another win.

  3. Anonymous10:30 PM

    wow, i can't think of a better way to spend father's day than in a hotel room in arkansas.