Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I need to post more photos

Amber broke down & bought us a new digi cam. I have yet to post any pics from it & for that I'm sorry. I have a ton & will do a picture dump soon. Life has been pretty hectic & time is of a premium.

I'm still riding to work about 3x a week. It's crazy how tired it makes you(though I think most of that is getting up @ 3:45am). But by the numbers I've been seeing lately 2 a days are starting to pay off. One of these days I'm going to get to a mtb race I promise. I should have raced Sunday but decided after 3 weeks of racing I needed a break to mow the hay field that used to be my back yard. Well actually Amber mowed while I weed eated & dug up the front yard. A little landscaping project that Amber has wanted me to work on for awhile.

Sunday Mia moved into the Big Girl Bed. No more baby jail for her. She's taking to it pretty well & isn't getting up too much. Hopefully she does better with it than she has been doing with the potty training.

This Friday night were going to Republic to watch an outdoor Big Smith Show. Surprisingly I haven't seen them in a couple of years. They probably have been wondering where I've been since it wasn't too long ago I was @ about every show.

Sunday its off to Kansas for a road race. I'm supposed to race the Master's to help out the Slimen team. I don't expect any results from myself since I'll be playing the domestique role.

Farasy I haven't forgotten about you; the trailer or the kiddo just time is short sorry.

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  1. Scotty,
    I feel your pain, I barely have time to post pictures let alone write anything. Give my best to your family.