Tuesday, July 15, 2008

66 days till cross

That's right only 66 more days till cross season. I could knock 14 days off that but I think 66 is a nice round number. Just State TT this weekend, some race in the SPR, & a couple of loops in KC then the real racing begins. I'll be starting out this cx season by getting my butt handed to me at the Hermann Invitational. The KC cross season this year is looking pretty good. Rumor has it that there is racing every weekend but 2 all the way till January. That's freaking nuts!

After this weekend the CX training begins. That means running, barriers, & time on the SS CX. Planning started last week by putting some feelers out for tires. I want to move up to 32mm Challanges this year. I plan on riding the Grifo again & adding the Grifo Dry to my arsenal as well (which means adding another set of tubbies to the wheel rack). My Slimen team mate Kyle is riding Dugast Rhinos this year, but I think they are a bit too spendy for this blue collar racer (I actually wear a green collar @ work). I'm thinking about retiring the pit bike as well. Why put money into 2 bikes when I can get one completely dialed in & work on get a real pit bike in the future. Though every time I didn't bring it to a race last year I needed it, so I'm torn.

I've also found a place that repairs tubular tires so I can save that Grifo I punctured last year for training. $20 for a new tube & base tape, which includes shipping. That's a steal. Now there is NO reason not to be on tubbies folks. If your not racing tubbies your not racing Cross (you know who I'm talking too).

There has been rumors about the Slimen CX kits but have yet to see any mock ups. I hear they are going to take kits to the next level. Rumor has it we're also getting the insulated long sleeve skin suits, very PRO. Thank god because I''m tired of freezing my jublies off. Not so PRO to freeze your boys off.

I hope that 66 days would hurry up & get over with!Mia's ready for CX, got her boots ready.


  1. Looks like you are training for the new obstacle, the "kid carry". That one might be unfair to those who don't have kids. I mean, who is going to loan their kid out for someone to carry over a barrier along with their bike???
    Mia is growing up!Good luck at State TT.

  2. Mia has gotten pretty heavy so I'd gladly loan her out to some of my faster competition.