Tuesday, September 02, 2008

18 days till CX

First is anyone besides me bothered by the fact that Hamilton is now the US Road Pro Champ? Irks me. Yes he's done his time, but he's not man enough to admit his wrong doing. Pony up, admit it, & I'll have a little more respect(not much, but a little). I'm taking 3 days off next week to follow the ToM. If he's a last minute addition I think I'll make a giant hypodermic needle with his name on the side. Then stand on the side of the road all down the course. Then on Wednesday chase him up the hill with it during the TT.

Pate is the peoples choice for US Pro Champ anyway. The guy is the perennial bridesmaid at US Pro. I really want him to get the stars & bars soon. I loved his off handed remark about doping control @ US Pro's.

I read the live feed on Sunday as the race was going. Huff tore it up! On the front all day. Just wish he would have placed instead of that DNF. But hell he earned that DNF. Now he has to rest up to get ready to take on Cavendish. Speaking of Cav did anyone watch the Tour of Ireland coverage? He made the fields look like a bunch of cat 5's when he took off. Also on the ToI. If Magnus Backstedt has a JoB next year I'll be shocked. Dude has done nothing but DNF this year. His job at the ToI was to lead out Julian Dean. He never made it past the 1 K to go without totally blowing up. David Millar did more of a lead out.

My ToM plan is to watch Euro style. Watch it go by, hop on back roads till I get ahead of it, then stop & watch it go by, & repeat till the finish. I need to figure out how to listen in to the race radio. I found the spreadsheets with ETA's, etc that the UCI uses.

Friday I got in a pretty good MTB ride, first one in quite awhile. Little dry & dusty @ Sac though don't think that will last with all the rain predicted. Enough rain to make me think I might get to do some cross training in the water this week. I hope it rains a ton since I'm tired of feeling like I'm dieing everyday with my allergies. I got in a tempo ride on the Frisco trail yesterday & between the dust & the pollen I felt like death warmed over the rest of the day. Sat on the couch & read the rest of the day doped to the gills on allergy meds.


  1. Did you notice Hamilton was on a Fuji P.O.S. bike? I'm with you I can't believe he's our national champion!

  2. "I am an Olympic champion in time trial but I decided to save my energy for today." BS I thought that got pulled after his "infraction".

    I missed the bike I was too pissed about the win. I know at the beginning of the year Rock Racin had all kinds of bike sponsor problems & Ball just bought what ever for the riders. Though he was quoted as saying he'd buy "the best". Guess he had a change of heart.

    I hope Hamilton starts the ToM so I can break out the giant Hypodermic needle.

  3. Brad looked great at the road race boys! Finished fourth the next day in Atlanta. Look for good things at the TOM. Enjoy the race, wish I could be there with you guys. Have fun and keep us updated.

  4. sinucleanse-its a lifesaver