Monday, September 15, 2008

5 Days till CX

First "unofficial" CX race was at 12:01 this morning. That is registration for CX Nationals. Once again I got up in the middle of the night to try & get a good grid spot. As soon as it opened 5 people were registered. It took me less than 45 seconds to register & I was 13th. I have a pretty fast Intraweb connection but damn thats ridicuoulus! Oh well 2nd row is good enough.

Sore as hell this AM. Didn't get home from boating yesterday till almost 10pm, thats after leaving @ 7am. Not complaining though because I got to run Upper Richland for the first in over two years. Premo level at 5.0 dropping to 4.30. Took my creek boat since I thought we were going to hit the steep stuff but some last minute additions to the crew saw us doing Richland. After some quick bartering at the put in I left the creeker on the car & snuggled into a nice play boat for the day.

There were photos & video shot so as soon as I have them I'll get them posted. There is video of me being only one of two of our motley crew to run one of the hardest rapids on the river. Not super clean but I'll take it in a play boat. Its a 3 section rapid. Cleaned the s-move in to ride the pillow into the slot. Got pushed right of a hole I should have punched, but lost a little too much speed. Then should have slid left through a trough of water to miss a root wad but speed loss made me nudge it, leaving me bracing on my left side hard(no shoulder pain after a super hard brace so that was good). Then rode the green water out letting out a big "whoop"!

Hiked up to the Twin Falls to look at them. Lots of water pumping off them. Classic Tim Ernst Photo Op. Wish it wasn't such a hassle to get a boat up to them or I'd have run my second 20 foot water fall.

Tubulars are almost all glued up(1 set glued, 1 set stretching, 1 set in transit). Bike is built but needs a little fine tuning still. Barrier work starts this week in preparation for Hermann. Then its full bore into CX mode.


  1. You didn't mention anything about the fabulous wedding we attended Saturday or how lovely I looked in my bridesmaid dress :) Looking forward to Saturday should be fun!

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  3. CX Nats are more popular than a rock concert!

  4. What happened? You got pulled??? Come on cross boy 'tis the season.