Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Girl Panties

In the last week or so Mia has decided she wants to start peeing on the potty. We've stocked up on the big girl panties & she's been doing pretty good. Sunday Amber & Mia decided to come up to KC to watch me race so we were going to have a test of the potty training effectiveness. She did great no accidents though you can tack on about a half hour to the drive time for all the potty stops(including one on the side of the road). I'm glad they came because Mia had a blast cheering & playing all day. Plus its nice to have the company on the drive to KC for a change. Anyway on to the races.

I had thought about tripling up for this race. But Saturday night after work I went for a spin on the SSCX. It took about 5 min for the chain to come off twice & for me to decide not to race singlespeed on Sunday(turns out the smartest thing I did all wknd). Master's followed by a quick break, then 1/2/3's.

Master's was fun. My Slimen Teammate KB decided to double up too so I had a game plan in the back of my mind. I got a crap start & had to fight through some traffic. Got near the front & sat there waiting for Kyle to overcome his start. During that time Jeff Winkler rolled off the front. I thought he was in a different age category but the numbering system I guess was too complicated for me. Anyway I decided not to go with him & wait for Kyle. Kyle caught on & it took about a lap for us to work over the Cowtown guy. Then we took turns pulling & basically rolled around enjoying a Sunday ride rolling across the line together to take 2 & 3 in the Master's.

We were then supposed to get 30 minutes before the 1/2/3's which ended up being more like 20 since the ref's had a point to make. I guess they had there pissy pants on so they picked out the highest profile guy they could find, Shadd Smith, & relegated him on the line to the back off the start grid. Nice, piss him off so he goes even faster. He took it in stride & still waxed everyone. It took him 30 sec to get the lead instead of taking it from the gun. Me? I decided to put on my big girl panties & ride around having a near heat stroke for over an hour @ LT. KB duked it out for about 50 min before I saw a puff of smoke & him coming back to me guarding the rear. There were two or 3 guys behind me who were trying to sneak up on the race. Like an idiot I forgot my gloves & managed to wear a nice fat chunk of skin off my right hand. I then had to spend the last two laps trying to see how many different ways you could hold the bars(not enough as it turned out). Anyway I knew it was going to be hard & I need the work because depending on how you look @ it I'm either behind for the season or ahead. I think behind, but I will have raced 7x this season before I raced once last season.

The 1/2's wasn't pretty with lots of people having meltdowns, mechanicals, or crashes, or early season woes.

No races this weekend so honey do's & training for me.


  1. Great job yesterday. I am glad you did not race single speed because I would have lost my podium spot :-)

    Thank you for coming up. I really appreciate your support of our series.

    Hope to see you at our next round - Chris Cross.

  2. Sounds to me you need to harden up. A soar hand??? Did your tummy hurt too??? Remember you have like 27 pins in your shoulder!!!

  3. Hey I said I put my big girl panties on. Besides it was a big damn hunk of skin. Probably could have made a very nice steak out of it. Plus it was hot & I got sweat in my eye & my butt got sore & I rode around in a circle for almost 2 whole hours, man I'm a pussy. Plus it was more like 50 pins & 10 pounds of steel.....