Thursday, September 25, 2008

WED Night CX

Starting to get back into the cross swing. Race on the weekend, wash the bike on Monday, ride CX on Wednesday, race on weekend, repeat. Mia is getting pretty good at washing the bike. She hates the hose("daddy don't spray me") but loves the bubbles & brushes. She even gets some of the bubbles on the bike once in awhile.

Last night was the first go around for the CX practices @ Sac. 3 guys so 1 more than I figured. JJ, me, & another guy from Bolivar who's name I forgot(sorry) once I noticed the Lars Bom autograph on his top tube. He said he apologized to Lars for it being a Bianchi & not a Colnago but could he sign it anyway, which he did. I'd clear coat it & hang that bad boy on the wall. With only 3 of us we decided barrier intervals would be the course of action. 4 x 10 min on a little short course I laid out on the top of the hill. Deep grass made it a leg buster.

Sunday I'm off to Lenexa, KS for the Diamond BlackFan CX Challenge. I'm going to attemept to triple. SSCX, Master's, & 1/2's. It's still early in the year so I'm more interested in racing saddle time than results anyway. This season has started a month earlier than last year for me so I'm still building up, December is a long way away & I have a lot of work to do.

This is interesting, I stole it from another blog:

Challenge Tire Chart

Cyclocross Tires Conditions

Grifo 30- Light rider / Early season conditions (I'm running these)

Grifo 32- All Around Conditions (& These)

Grifo 32 - Seta Unmatched casting material, super supple for greater contact to the ground

Grifo 34 -Muddy Conditions

Grifo XS 32- Fast, hard pack and grassy courses, superb early season tire

Grifo XS 34- Ideal deep sand tire

Grifo XS White/Black 32- Icy conditions – hard ice (also the “styling” early season tread) ((& These))

Fango 32- Muddy conditions (developed with direct input from leading riders of the sport) (& hopefully these)

Fango 34- Deep mud conditions

Donn Kellogg from Challenge tires.

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  1. Scott,
    Good luck with the season!!! I know this is one of your favorites. Come check us out often at

    I appreciate your support of Connor.