Saturday, January 24, 2009

Knobbies part Deux...psssssttttt!

Two days in a row on the MTB. Got out after work. Put my headlamp in my pocket just in case it got dark on me. Last year Amber & I got a new water proof/impact resistant camera to replace the one that didn't survive the trip to the Dave show. Its nice since you can throw it your pocket & forget about it. That means more pictures.

It got dark on me because its not a ride @ Sac without the beloved thorn. Front tire this time. Cheap tubes are going on the shelf & Conti's are being ordered this AM. Conti's tubes have better rubber & removable valve stems so you can put Stan's in them. In the winter I always stick a vest in my pocket just in case. Once the sun went down in got really cold in a hurry even with the insulated skin suit on. The vest made the trip back to the car bearable.

BRRRR! Found out the head lamp needs new batteries as well.

A little tuning & the R7 is damn plush. Reading is a valuable skill.

Friday at work I fixed a problem on a machine that had been going on for over two years. According to the operator 5 different maintenance guys have tried unsuccessfully to fix it. It took some head scratching & a lot of beating my head against the side of the machine. Give a guy a print, a meter & a little common sense & you can fix anything.

Not my actual opponent but the same model. Did I mention the manual is in Japanese not English?


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  2. one word, tubless. You know it's time.

  3. "one word, tubeless. You know it's time."

    Too much work. Hell I just got Disc brakes. Can't get too much new fangled technology at once.

  4. That machine looks like a gas guzzler! Nice fat tire bike.