Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fender Days

I'm sitting here multi tasking. Mia & I are watching CX Worlds on Sporza, drinking coffee(me not her) & blogging. Worlds is a race! Alberts was counted out by everyone. Took off on the 3rd lap & hasn't looked back. I had him picked at 3rd. Showed me & the world.

Mia playing in the snow

She was waiting for me after work.

Put the fenders on & got outside for a ride yesterday. A little climbing.

SKS Fenders are the shit!

Random barn with weird symbol on the top of it.

Subtle reminder its still January.

Old barn & some cows.

Deer! A lot of deer.

You'll have to take my word that this is a pic of a flock of 50+ turkey. I was jamming to the XM & about shit myself when I thought someone was firing a machine gun at me. Not fast enough on the draw.

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