Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My kid is a thug. She is trust me. I've seen her throw right crosses that would lay out Tyson. I guess it comes from being twice as big as kids her age. Yesterday @ daycare she put another thug(according to their teacher) in his place. She bit the hell out of him. I can't help but laughing since she told me she did it because he stole her socks & shoes. How he did this without her ever taking them off a 2.5 year old's mind will only understand. Of course this isn't really funny because she got sent home with the official State note saying my kid had bit another kid. Pay backs for when Mia got bit in daycare.

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  1. They take their shoes off at naptime, you know how she never wants to keep her socks on so that's how it went down I would say.