Saturday, February 21, 2009


I got off work early Friday so went out to enjoy the sun before picking up Mia. I knew I should have tacked on another hour or two since I woke to snow this am. Supposed to hit the dirt roads of Polk county this AM but looks like a slight postponement might be in order.

Friday 1:30pm

Saturday 7:00am. I Hate The Weather!

I think it might be time to retire my Sidi Dominators circa 1994. With a new pair of Sidi Dragons circa 2009. Though I think Amber may flinch at the $500 price tag. If I get the same life out of them it works out to $33 a year. Not too bad.

We're kid-less this weekend to go to the Pub Crawl to help the Ding Dong the sister in law celebrate her 21st. Actually it was Thursday & I think shes still hung over. LOL to be 21.

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