Monday, March 30, 2009

MTB Race#2 quick update

Quick update more later:

Freezing cold(did warm up some after I became mildly hypothermic), 4" of snow # the start, mud, about 30 freezing creek crossings(most DEEP). After about 6 miles I had two gears, big ring & middle ring(you have to love that 90's era XT stuff). 4 Guys in my division. I finished the first lap fast enough to make a 2nd but said screw it & took 3rd instead of 2nd(cost me a series point & some cash). SOmehow bruised the hell out of my right palm. I am now 2nd overall in the series(not for long since most of the remaining races are in the STL) Now I have to get a new drive train & brakes but the air stayed in my tires & my bike mostly worked. Continental Speed King work great in the mud FYI.


  1. Dude, get a single speed. My worked perfectly at Saturday's Black Locust Duathlon :-)

    In muddy races you end up only being able to use a few gears anyways. Save yourself a ton of money and grief.

    Nice seeing you on Saturday. Sorry I could not chat for long. Had to focus....

  2. I have one though not very reliable. But I was saying Sunday even if I had to put my chain back on a half dozen times I still would have been faster. It'll be raced in the future for muddy races.