Monday, March 23, 2009

This will really piss you off

As most of you know Roger Hinson got hit by a truck while riding in North Carolina recently. I got this link sent to me today. Absurd is all I can say. Long live the Good ol Boy network it'll be the death of this country yet.

I love the end where the Sheriff says:

"In Hinson’s case, Dendy said there are “two ways to look at what caused him to hit the ground so hard” — be it the truck’s collision with the bike, or the rate of speed at which the bike was traveling.

“He was injured because he fell to the ground,” said Dendy. “The car didn’t run over him ... I feel like he was very lucky to walk away from that. But just because he was on a bike doesn’t mean I should treat him any differently. Isn’t that singling out a particular group, bikers? The guy feels terrible about what happened and has been very concerned about Mr. Hinson. What would it have done for his accident for this guy to get a ticket?”

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