Saturday, March 07, 2009

Why buy it if you can make it?

During the 07 cx season I ruined a few BB's. I decided that it was easier to buy bearings than whole BB's. A little searching & I figured out what size the bearings are in Shimano outboard BB's. A little more searching & I found a place to buy replacements on EBay. I bought about 10 sets of bearings. I rebuilt two BB's using some very crude methods. Last CX season I made it without having trashed a single BB. Espenkotter managed to trash one recently so I decided it was time to make my version of the Phil Wood tool. I downloaded the tool instructions, broke out the calipers & did a lot of measuring. I could have gotten really PRO & drawn up the prints on Inventor but decided reverse engineering Phil Wood's tool might get me in a little trouble so I did it by feel. A few hours on the Lathe & below is my rendition.

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  1. What a guy! I think you can do anything. Can you make me some GOLD ingots? I could really use some.
    That is pretty cool. You are a handy fellow.