Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bike Tech Sunday

My bikes were in desperate need of some TLC. Sunday I spent the vast majority of the day overhauling & modifying.
Look closely. See the tricks?

Shrink tubing to hide the cables.
That's a die spring to give me a better feeling brake action on the TT bike. TT bikes are notorious for shitty brakes. Not with this little trick. Snaps right back & very linear.

New to me Dura Ace 7800 crank & external BB. No more Octa Link on this rig.

Back to my old sponsor Oury Grips. Not the lightest option but hard to find a cushier grip. No more bruised palm for me.

That's right. I built my road bike back up. I figured if TK the dirt road king did maybe I should as well & give my CX bike a well deserved rest.
I know white before Memorial Day, but need a little pizzaz. Thinking white saddle as well.


  1. Looks like we had parallel plans, gardening & overdue maintenance (bikes & household).

    I did ride the road bike Sunday...on the trainer, couldn't stomach a rain ride.

  2. White saddle?!?!?! Same conversation was had between us two months ago and you were so condenscending about a white saddle being a passing fad... I guess you have to be a Cat 1 to pull that off, my bad for even bringing it up