Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

We're down @ then lake for Easter so I watched Roubaix on multiple Euro feeds this AM. I started in French & ended up in Spanish. Never fails if you watch a race on the Euro feeds the closer it gets to the end of the race more people log on & crash the server. Then you have to scramble to find another server. But it beats paying. Boonen got lucky avoiding the crashes at the end. It takes luck & power to win on the cobbles, that's why he has 3 cobbles on his mantle. I really wanted Hincapie to win but he just doesn't have the luck. I'm wondering if that was the last time we'll see him on the Pave'?

Yesterday part one of the garden went in. 4'x8' of raised garden bed. That's a lot of dirt, peat, & manure to haul in the back of the Volvo. This week part two will get built(hopefully). Yard work had top priority so no saddle time. But the yard looks good all weeded & new plants in the back yard. Now if we can keep the hounds outs. A few new runs of electric fence should work.

Mia is wired on candy this am. I'm expecting a big sugar crash at any second.


  1. Garden is good! Julie and I have been working on ours for the past 3 years. Started small and now we have 8 feet all the way around the back yard. Probably about 160 by 8 or so. And we also have 9 fruit trees is different places, most in the back. Also planted cranberries is the a couple of flower beds, they have pretty pink flowers and then fresh cranberries in the fall. Also trying a variety of hardy kiwi, they are little bigger than grapes, but don't have the fuzz. Enjoy, it is worth the hard work. I move 14 yd^3 of dirt two years in a row. Just about killed me, but is worth it now.
    Reagan loves the fresh raspberries, strawberries, and grape tomatoes right out of the garden. We taught her she needed to use the hose to wash them off first.

  2. Fruit is going to wait till I see how green my thumb is. Though I want to add it. Mia does have one strawberry plant she personally picked out for this garden.