Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The almost unheard of almost mid week post

I know I hardly ever post during the week anymore, busy, busy. Racing the Kansas State ITT this Saturday so taking a rest day today. More like letting my body recover from the first ride on the TT rig of the year. Got out last night on the TT after breaking the Excalibur; broke the seat post binder. Totally my fault, over torque issue. Turns out the brass piece is made to fail if over torqued(pretty good design on 4ZA 's behalf, an engineer must of had his head out of his ass that day or was designed by a millwright). Anyway I have a plan. Take apart a scrap 3/4" gate valve, turn down the stem, & viola I'll have multiple spare brass pieces to over torque @ my leisure.

Anyway I digress. TT initial ride went well. 8 seconds of practice TT course record(which was set with full TT rig including disc). Not shabby, but not miss leading me for Saturday either. Gimp shoulder is jacked today though. Will spend the rest of the week on the TT rig to adjust & give me time to fix the roadie before the Tour of KC part 1. 3 days of crit racing, oh yeah!

Had salad from the garden tonight. Have been eating lettuce & spinach for a few weeks now. Added Green pepper, banana peppers, jalapenos tonight, & one carrot.

Check out Cyclingdirt.org if you haven't yet

"go really fast guys, go!"

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  1. I see some peas & a nice looking squash in that pic also. I think you guys are a couple/few weeks ahead of us down there. We've just started in on the spinach & lettuce. I'm eyeing the beat greens but have been instructed to wait. Backyard produce is the best!