Sunday, September 13, 2009

A post in more than 140 characters

I've taken to Twitter & Facebook for that matter for my life updates. Now I have a smart phone I can use Twitter to update both @ same time & it makes it easier for me. Now I need to find a mobile blogging app & I'll start blogging a little more often.

Work Sucks right now! We've cut back to 3 days a week. Part time job hunt starts this week. More time to train =more fitness. Less work= less $$. Less$$ + more fitness= stuck at home not racing. I'm sitting on some good legs right now. Trained more this week than I have in just about any week this year.

My CX season is now cut back to 5 races. Since I won the Masters overall last year I get to race the DeStad series for free. I guess 5 races is better than zero races. That also means no Hermann CX under the lights next Saturday. My season will be starting @ the end of September. Going to race the open cat in those 5 races & hopefully will place in enough to cover my State CX entry. Definitely motivation to race faster I guess. No race winnings, no state.

Just have to write this season off as a life lesson & do something about getting in a better situation with work. Hopefully the economy will pick up soon.

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  1. I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YA. I had been on a 10% work (salary) reduction all year until just a week ago. Had to pretty-much sit out my first mtb season in 10 years. I just re-evaluated my priorities, and sold a LOT of stuff. Actually had weekends to do stuff.