Saturday, October 10, 2009

Turkey Creek

Friday Jay, Ben, & Barry headed down to the greater metro are of Hollister, MO for some boating. I've never done Turkey Creek or even heard of it for that matter. Seems strange since I've boated about everything that is boatable in this area. I figured it was either going to be a drainage ditch(done that) or maybe one of those hidden gems. Barry had all the beta since he had ran it before. After some a long shuttle we made the put in down one steep ass dirt road. My thoughts of urban boating went out the window
We had to put in on a tiny little feeder stream to get to Turkey Creek Proper. A little dragging bumpy 100 yard section. After hitting the actual creek we had some rollers & some wood in a very primitive setting. Even had to dodge a few strands of barb wire.

After less than a mile we hit the above gem. I dubbed it Cactus hole for the stand of cactus on the far bank. I'm going to be doing some TOPO research to find this baby again. A farmer has land access on one side. I'll put int the research time to get park and play access to this bad boy! By far the best hole on the creek.

Not sure what this was. Looks like the railroad my have had a a line above it at one point. Fed in a little creek from River Right side.Train Bridge before the ledges near the take out. The ledges are going to get some park & play time in the nbear future since they have primo road access.

More photos

A bit chilly @ 45f but still a good day on mostly class II water with maybe a class III thrown in due to all the wood & a few mandatory portages. The upper part of the creek is very primitive & almost a shut in section in a deep canyon.

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