Thursday, November 04, 2010

This That & the Other

Lots going on here in my little slice of the world.  We are now on weekly baby doc status.  Amber doesn't think the boy is going to wait till his due day to make his appearance.  I'm beginning to think so too.  I have my vacation scheduled but mostly because I didn't want to loose out on getting the week of Thanksgiving off.  I know its a crap shoot for it to work out but I have another week of vacation to play with if I need it.

Not much riding going on, maybe 1 or 2 rides a week right now.  Been focusing on the run.  Going to try & get another 5k in before the Turkey Trot, hopefully.  Been so damn windy lately riding isn't very appealing.  In fact in makes doing run intervals unappealing as well.  Last time I ran in circles the wind killed me.  Pretty much decided the road bike is going to be mounted to the trainer for the winter.  Any outside riding will be done on the CX or MTB.  Which means I've got to put the MTB back together.  Right now it has no chain & 2 flat tires.  Not optimal for riding.

As I told Amber lack of ride time frees up more time for me to piddle.  The hacks have began.  Last week I rooted an iPod shuffle to banish iTunes from it.  I'm not a fan of iTunes since its like the Borg & takes over your computer.  I've switched to VLC for my multimedia pleasure.  Its open source & feature packed.  I highly recommended it.  Yesterday I finally got around to setting up the Wii for streaming Netflix.  Next up is hacking the Wii to run on Linux so I can get more out of it.  Which will give me insentive to finally multiboot the computer to run on Linux & XP.  Been reading about it for awhile so its time to pull the trigger.  I've got a few more mods kicking around in my head just have to motivate & find the free time to work on them.

I had more to write about but have forgotten most of it now.  Besides I'm just blogging in an attempt to stall for lacing up & going for a run.

Don't forget Speed.TV is streaming P1 from the F1 race in Brazil in the am.  Starts at 8am.

This is from Japan where Kobayashi put on a passing clinic.  I've become a huge fan of him as well of most of the F1 fans in the world.

The F1 season is down to 2 races.  The driver & constructor championships are up for grabs & getting hot.   Hopefully Mr. Webber can keep it on the track & make up for the brain fart he had in Korea.

I read today that Mr. Vettel is using an engine this weekend thats on its 3rd race.  He's hard on engines so I'm thinking he might have another epic come apart like Korea.

Which hopefully will make him get in line & finally help Webber out instead of crashing into him.

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