Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Rides # 7, 8 , & 9 Three Days in a Row.

I know its lazy to do 3 rides in one blog but I was somewhat busy on my days off & this is the first chance I've had.

Ride #7 Windy
Saturday got out for a windy & slightly chilly ride.  Weird strong wind from the East which guaranteed riding home in the wind.  Nothing special just a quick couple hours to spin the legs after 2 straight days of running.  Legs were a little sore from running since hadn't been out since Jan 9.

Ride #8  Hour of Power
Sunday got out early so I could have most of the day free for yard work & to make sure the Frisco Trail was relatively empty.  I like to ride on the Frisco when I do certain power workouts outside since I can make the power chart look like I was on the trainer.  Very consistent.  I hit my goal numbers & even managed to end up with a pretty good Normalized Power for about 2 hours.  That's focused workout numero uno of the year.

 Afterwards I spent the rest of the day doing Spring yard work.  Mowed the yard. Yep it needed it already.  Semi aerated the dead spots in the back yard(thanks dogs) & put down 10lbs of seed.  Hopefully that will thicken out the clumps.  I've come to realize as long as I have two big ass dogs I'll never have a great back yard.  But hopefully I can do some damage control.  Also cleaned out the garden boxes.  Last fall & over the winter some weed took over.  Was a SOB to get out. Very thin web like roots that are hard to break up.  Didn't get potatoes in the ground so will work on that next 4 off.

Ride #9 Break out the razor Spring is here!
There was no way I could sport my winter hairy legs anymore, especially with 76f predicted for today.  A big South wind so decided to venture South for the first time this year.  Did the winter Wednesday night loop which gives me 2ish hours from the house normally.  I avoid South when its cold because of the low water crossings.  I've taken a winter bike swim in Jan before & don't want to do that again, ever.

Back to work tonight.  As long as things don't change this week I'm back on my normal 4&4 so hopefully can get some descent rides in now the weather is getting nicer.  When I decided to do the DU series I got a little panicked when it dawned on me how soon they are.  I laid out a pretty ambitious schedule but should be able to stick to it.  Its not how I envisioned the year going though since I wanted a super slow year with Nats in Jan but it might be good to get some fitness soon so I can race some this summer since I missed Cross last fall.

Also stay tuned for some news about the TT series.  If it happens I think its really going to grow the TT series.  Should find out details this week.

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