Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sauber double scores points..Oh Wait no they don't

I got really excited watching the F1 race Sunday afternoon.  I had to DVR it as per the norm.  After an evening at a water park birthday party I was wiped & couldn't stay up.  Luck had it that I had to go to a bouncy house birthday party Sun at noon so it was late afternoon before I could watch the race.  A great race it was too.  I don't think the movable wing & KERS played as much a part as the tires did.  Most were on a 2 -3 pit strategy.  Except Sauber's Rookie Perez .  He managed to go with just one pit stop & finish just one place in front of Kobi who stopped 3 times.  I was ecstatic.  Both Sauber's in the points in the first race.  

I had been on s self imposed news/web blackout till I could watch the race.  As soon as the race was over I fired up Google Reader & my heart sunk.  Both Sauber's had been been DQ'd because of a rules infringement of the rear wing.  I won't go into detail I linked details below. The car showed pace & I think once all is worked out Sauber is going to surprise a lot of people. Perhaps even with a podium this season.

Scarbs F1 explanation

Good explanation here

Racecar Engineering updated overview of the Sauber C30

Sauber have three versions of the flap available and two were brought to Melbourne. It seems the version raced was not fully checked at the factory and therefore the error was not picked up, whereas the other (un-raced) specification flap was checked and deemed legal. Not every car and every component gets fully checked by the FIA scrutineers. The cars will go through different tests at different points in the weekend. It seems the Sauber flap in question was not tested until after the race.”

Update: Sauber was going to protest but have admitted it was their fault & are taking the punishment.  It was a manufacturing error & one version of the wing hadn't been fully verified & of course it was the one that got them in trouble with the stewards.

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