Saturday, February 04, 2012

Mint 12 trials & tribulations

As I've mentioned I've made the plunge to Linux.  Running Ubuntu 11.10 on my new computer I just built.  Need to do a post on it.  The old computer for now has gone out to the garage with a spare monitor.   I'm also now running Ubuntu on it  till I get another hard drive then I'll set it up to dual boot Windows.  Also kicked around the idea of turning it into a server.

For now I'm going to use it to test run different Linux distros.  First up is Mint 12.  I've read how elegant & user friendly it is so worth the try.  I downloaded the iso & made a bootable usb. FYI wicked easy in Linux. 

Go to boot it & get:

Vesamenu.c32 not a com32r

WTF? You ask. Well me too.  Since Google is a new Linux user best friend I googled the error.  Once again Google FTW! 

Turns out its a problem with the distro.  I found A way to fix the code but didn't feel like screwing up my copy. 

But there is an easy fix. When the above error comes up type:  LIVE

yep that easy. Now I'm in full Mint 12 trial mode.  So far so good.  Good enough I might switch or dual boot it with Ubuntu to really mess with Amber.

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