Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anatomy of a bonk

It has gotten warm enough for the winter leg hair to come off
 Most hair I've had on my legs in probably 22 years.
 Mia came up and rubbed my leg & told me Daddy that's better. 

 Being warm I figured I'd better carry more fluids on my long runs.  I've been using a fanny pack with gel flask.  Instead of forking out $20 for a hand bottle that I didn't know if I would like or not I just made my own.  A water bottle, some duck tape, some webbing, & a hand bottle is born.

 Yesterday I planned on a 14 miler.  Temps were predicted to be 78-80.  I don't normally do well in the heat especially not the first hot day of the year.  My plan was to get out in the AM to have my run done before the heat.  Well that din't happen.  Amber got called into work so my AM window slammed shut.  

Instead I decided to mow the yard & run later.  When Amber got home I was pretty tired & wanted to take a nap but Amber told me to get my ass out the door.  I sucked down a caffeine gel 7 a glass of water.  Strapped on my new hand bottle filled with water & 2 gels mixed in.  Out the door and on my way.  Didn't feel great but not terrible.  My pace dropped little by little till I hit the turn around @ 7 miles.  Then my quads started hurting & I got slower & slower & slower. 

Full fledged bonk was starting to work me over.  It wasn't helped by the fact that by mile 11 I had drained my 1 bottle & there was no place to fill it back up.  The last four miles were an absolute death march.  I haven't run bonked in a long time & I certainly have never wanted to walk so bad while running in my life.  I kept running all be it very slow.  I knew I'd be screwed if I stopped.  It got so bad I had to turn off the podcast I was listening to because it was so hard to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. 

When I finally made it home I drained two bottles of water.  Then submerged myself in an ice bath.  After eating dinner on went the compression tights.  Amber was feeling a little sore so she borrowed a pair of compression socks.
My compression buddy.

Last night I slept for almost 11 hours.  Got up for a few hours this AM then took a 2.5 hour nap.  Sleep doping.  I still haven't gotten out to run yet today.  Legs are pretty sore.


  1. I think i would rather bonk on my bike...i think??

    1. Bonking on the bike is "easier", because you can always use the coast. But that said it is also more common to bonk on the bike. I bet I've bonked a few thousand times riding, maybe a handful running. And I've done both for probably 25 years.