Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Garmin Forerunner 210 & ANT+ Heart Rate Monitors

As I've mentioned before my Heart Rate Monitor has been screwing up lately.  With some fiddling I got it to work some.  Then last week it quit all together.

I did some Googling looking for answers:

Flip the battery for a few seconds to reset it. Tried it didn't help.

New battery, tried that didn't work.

Then I found a post with people complaing about how often the Garmin soft straps go bad. Crap I figured I was going to have to buy a $50 strap.
The Forerunner is ANT+ but the Forerunner 210 documentation is a little vague about if third party ANT+ HR straps will work.  The forums weren't much help.  Some said yes some said no.  That's forums for you.

While looking up HR straps Power Tap's HR strap popped up.  Cool I have one of those hanging in the closet.  I put the strap on & waited for it to pair.  Nope.  HMMM

• If Heart symbol
is off, press and hold menu,
and select HR Monitor > On.
• If Heart symbol
is flashing, from the timer
page, press page to view the heart
rate page.
The Forerunner searches for your
heart rate signal for 30 seconds.

Bingo I now have my PowerTap HR strap working with my Forerunner.  I saved $50 & Get to use something I already have.  Win Win

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