Thursday, March 22, 2012

Please stop raining

My 4 days off have been less than productive.  Pretty much rained non stop.  Parts of the Ozarks are over 10" in the last 4 days.  Years past I would have loaded up & gone boating for 4 days.  Being a family man now that isnt really an option I'd use.  Plus add in the logistics of being a 1 car family.  Needless to say my boats still are covered in dust. No boating for me.

 I logged onto the Arkansas Canoe Club Forum to see what was happening & perhaps grab a ride.  After I figured out my username & password it told me I hadn't logged on since 11/24/2006.  Guess I'm a bit out of the loop.  Time to dust off my boating resume & find some people to boat with I guess.  If you read this & boat get a hold of me.  I'm rusty but have a few skills left.

I've kinda managed to dodge the rain & get in some runs.  I'd title this week of training as craptastic at best.  I ran home Sunday from work which wasn't too bad.  I was running with the knowledge that I had the 2012 F1 opener waiting for me on the DVR, which helped tons.  What was weird was my run time to work was exactly the same as my run time home.  Couldn't do that again if I tried.  Anyway run commuting was successful enough I plan on doing it some more.

Mon afternoon after I woke up went out as soon as I got up to try & stay ahead of the rain.  10 miles later I was dry but tired.  Kind of the beginning of the end of the week before it started.  Tuesday was a tempo run.  My normal tempo run is an out & back. Of course at the turn around it started raining. This did nothing for my motivation or speed.  Plus I had to wait for a damn train.  Not my slowest time but far from what it should have been.

Wednesday was supposed to be a 14 miler.  My legs were crap from the word go.  I almost bailed super early for 4 miles.  I kept my head in it & slogged out 10 miles.  The take away is 2 10 milers in 3 days.  Th e downsides are too many to mention.  The only real positive is that when I hit the driveway it started raining.  Which meant if I had kept at it for the whole 14 I would have had to run at least 4 miles in the rain.  If that happened how I was feeling would have meant a couple miles of walking. Which would have pretty much ate up the last of my moral for the week.

Today I woke up feeling all of my 90 years.  Hobbled around, zero motivation.  Amber went to the gym mid day so I had a reason too postpone running.  I managed to get my shit together enough to run 7 miles with 5x800m with 800m recovery.  Not the track workout I had wanted but still classified as my first "speed" workout of the year.

Watched Free Practice 1 on SpeedTv Streaming.  Not really much to learn besides McLaren is playing to Hamilton's ego setting him up for the fastest time over Vettel.  The Mercedes are fast & I'd be surprised if they didn't get a podium this week.  Bottas stepped in for a drive and out paced Maldando at Williams.  Saw that coming from a mile away.  Lotus is showing some pace.  Grojean was fast once again even with a wheel problem.  Sauber did their normal FP1. Don't be surprised with another double points scoring weekend; they are #3 in the constructors.  Ferrari is a big fat hmmmmm. HRT needs to throw in the helmet already.  I could drive my Volvo around the track faster.

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