Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunday climbing & Monday 800's

Crappy weather weekend for sure.  Rained cats & dogs Sunday.  Took Mia to the downtown ymca to let her climb on their climbing wall.  She started out a little timid.  After a few times on the rope she tried to tell me she's scared of heights.  She was just scared of falling.  Let her swing on the rope & had her drop to the mats to show her its safe.  After that she was off.  I was impressed.  For being not quite 6 & her first time she's not bad.  I see some potential.  Plus she had a ton of fun & wants to go back.
I climbed the wall once then bouldered quite a bit watching Mia.  I got sore pretty fast.  Can't believe I used to be able to climb for hours.  Guess I need to hit the wall more.  Been slacking on the pull ups too.  It showed.
After climbing caught a break in the rain & went out for a quick 5.  Got a little wet but not bad.  Would have liked to go farther but the weather & motivation prevented it.  Couldnt get my thyroid prescription filled till Monday.  Waiting on the Dr. to renew it for a month since I missed my yearly.  Four days off of it & I could tell.  Tired as Hell & no motivation.
Sunday night slept like crap.  Up at 3am.  Watched tv for a couple hours & then went to sleep for a bit on the couch.  Strung enough "naps" together to sleep till noon.  Then had my normal spurt of back to work productivity.  Wish I could be that productive on all my days off.  Got the oil changed in the Volvo & the yard mowed.
After all that snuck in an interval workout.  6x800.  All good times within a sec of each other.  With warm up, recovery & cool down got in just over 10 miles.  Good start to the week. 
Since I ran intervals rode to work.  Probably ride twice this week & run twice.  Maybe stretch out my last night on run home a bit for some mileage padding.  Will have to see how my week goes. 

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