Thursday, May 17, 2012

Birthday week

It's that time of the year again birthday week for Mia & Amber.  Every year its Mothers Day, Mia's bday, followed by Amber's bday.  I think she planned that. 

Both are gone for the evening.  Mia at Chuck e Hell with my mom & Amber out with her posse.  Alex & I got to have a man's day.  Yep a run & shit tons of Bubble Guppies.  We know how to party on Brecklyn. 

Since Amber worked only chance I had for a run today was to push Alex.  He made it 2.5 miles & passed out.  Got in 5 miles & Alex got a 2 hr nap. 

No nap for me, insomnia has me all screwed up.  Slept 2.5-3 hrs last night.  I thought a long night run would wear me out.  Turns out running at 11pm is good for ones sleep patterns.

Pushing Alex let me know I'm not recovered from intervals on Tuesday. 4x400, 2x800,4x400 .  Hamstrings still a bit sore.  Pushing 50+ lbs worth of kid & stroller up hill didn't help.  But now its warmer need to do it more.  Strength building for sure. 

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