Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Poopy pants & push ups

FYI prolly NSFW or those with a weak stomach and/or eating, you've been warned.

Paula Radcliffe peeing her pants

Today's workout was just that poopy, literally.  Was going to do 6 x 800.  Took a crap before heading out.  During my warm up felt a bit off in the gut.  Start up first 800, oh shit..I mean OH SHIT I think I might crap my pants.  Slow a little to regroup & finish the 800 strong.  Too strong since the urge to go was HUGE!  Managed to make it back to the cover of the woods & barely drop shorts before the pooxplosion.  I won't get too graphic but if you have ever changed diapers you might get the idea.  Luckily it was hot & I brought a water bottle.  Little did I know I'd be washing my ass with it instead of drinking it.  Limped home in shame.

Ironic since Alex had been crapping his diaper every 5 minutes before I left.  Guess he was warning me.  More likely it was the bug that got Mia & Amber earlier in the week.  Hopefully its all gone since I plan on trying this workout again tomorrow with out the pooping.

Been wanting to make a squatty potty.  Guess I should get on that since the supposed poop increase might prevent the dreaded EBE (Emergency Bowel Evacuation)

To change subjects but stay with the P word theme, finally decided to start working on my upper body& core again.  I've had a push up app on my phone for awhile but haven't used it.  Broke it out tonight. 12,10,13,12, 11 all with 75 sec between.  Little easy which it asked so hopefully it ups the next workout a bit.  Anyway the purpose of the app is to do 100 push ups in one go.  I tired the 100 push up program earlier & got bored after 3 weeks.  Hopefully an app will keep me motivated.

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