Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Let's see since the 5k not much happened.  Took last week off except for a road bike ride, first one since February. 

Didn't run because I thought maybe I was on the verge of injury.  Week ago Sunday running home from work had some sharp pain in my left calf right where the achilles attaches.  Stop massaged it then ran the final 3.5 miles home in pain.  Figured a week without running was smarter than a torn achilles.  Did buy some Kinesio tape to help.  Though I've run twice this week pain free. 

Have to work some OT this week so just going to put in some easy 5-6 milers before work.  Think i'll hold off on run commutes till I get back from Colorado.  Running with a pack then working 12-13hrs wears you out.  I think in the future I won't run commute more than twice a week till I get my calf 100%.

Saturday had Mia's birthday party AR the Republic Aquatic Center.  Kid wore herself out in the pool.  Maybe she'll be a swimner, always wanting to swim.

Not much else going on.  Almost on home stretch to a week in Colorado.  Have to figure out a few more details & knock a few things off the to do list first.  As it stands now my mtb & kayak are going.  Neither of which has had much use in awhile.

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