Thursday, August 04, 2005

Crashes come in 3?

There is an old adage that bad things happen in 3's. I guess(hope) that goes for crashes as well. Three of the OCC boys have now hit the deck in a week. Super G hit the deck pretty hard the Friday night before the city crits. He got some nice road rash out of it & some lovely stiffness. Sunday during the crit Stroker Ace bailed out into the grass when a guy who weighed almost 250 crashed in front of him. So no place to go he went down. As far as race crashes go he came out good. Some minor bike damage & he was back in after his free lap. Tonight I made it 3 going down in spectacular style @ a city limit sprint. I came so close to saving it it was sick. The ditch I rode the nose wheelie into had a divot in the bottom & stopped me cold. Granted by this time my speed was down to almost nothing so I come out unscathed. The Felt got its deraileur hanger a little tweaked, nothing the Skip can't fix up though.

I guess I should back up a little & explain how it went down(no pun intended). The big boys went for the Rogersville city limit sign. I jumped & my chain jumped off, no big deal shift it back on & start sprinting. Now I was way to far back but figured I'd at least close it down. So I'll take the blame for this one. Should have known better than sprinting in a group ride. It was bound to happen , the group rides are starting to get really fast & couple that with a lot of new riders with less than perfect handling skills rides get a little sketchy. In this case though it was me & Norton who got tangled up. He started to drift left as I passed him probably too close. Some how he got his shifter caught in my shorts. Then it gets really fun. He leans into me & I don't want to lean back because I don't lean back because I don't want to crash him on asphalt. So we start to go hard left to the shoulder & I break free which puts me in the dirt & my rear wheel pops up & I'm riding a nose wheelie. I thought I could ride it out through the ditch but as I said earlier I ended up on my ass & Norton rides of a little shaken but still upright. No harm no foul. Lets just hope that's the end of the OCC boys crashes for the season. All of them in less than a week too.

On the way over ICC, Stoker Ace & I took some digital assault from local super star HuffyUSA. Some people I swear. Wear the green jersey @ the Tour De Toona for 4 days & you can flip off everyone on a bike. Oh well it was impressive so I can put up with some one finger harassment.


  1. I will give your crash a "G" for Graceful, that's really the only word to describe what happened.

  2. I just remember looking back and seeing you riding in the ditch. You looked like a downhill mountain biker holding on for dear life. Classic!