Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tues Night World's

I guess the change in weather change everyone's mood. It was a very relaxed casual ride @ the World's. The cooler temp was followed by a nice tempo to let weary legs heal(namely mine). Yes I decided with an AR race weekend after next I'd better get a couple of runs in. So I was a little sore. But ICC was sore from running as well. Stoker Ace decided to take it easy on everyone so it tuned into a nice easy spin. I'm guessing if Super G had showed he would have brought the Louisville Slugger & beat us all into submission.

Hopefully CMac is on the heal, haven't seen him yet but talking to emdog he's pretty beat up. Gotta admire a guy who hits the deck hard & gets back in with a broken bike. Skippy I'm hoping Super G made you take your jersey off after getting pulled so he could pee on it for you. 3 laps? Dude your wayyyyy better than that. I can't see any 4's beating you.

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