Sunday, December 17, 2006

Celebrity ride

Some time this week I got one of Farasy's patented cryptic messages about a celebrity ride this weekend & since I was a celeb I should be there. Not a clue what the hell he was talking about as usual. I have yet to get a message from him that really made much sense anyway. Damn crack babies. I finally tracked him down Friday to find out the ride was Sunday not Saturday like he said in the message. See nothing makes any sense with that kid.

I hemmed & hawed about showing up all weekend. I mean I'm on a self imposed exile from riding till the New Year. So after a lot of debate I decided one ride wouldn't kill me. Am I glad I showed up. A veritable who's who's of Springfield cycling was there. All 15 or so of them. This was a Greek led ride so I figured it would be interesting. Interesting it was. From a crawl of 15kph to 50 kph at a moments notice(damn Mertz!) The day temp wise was about as good as it gets in December so I couldn't complain too much about the dew covered roads. Now I'll have to wash my bike again. I bet Skip is dismantling his as I type this. If he ever updates he should have some pics to post.

Ended up with 3 hours & change with a solid TT effort @ the end(Damn Mertz!) Damn glad I showed up was a good time even if it wasn't Joe Martin.

Saturday I got out to Sac & got in a pretty good 6 mile trail run. Two big loops that is. I'm going to work up to 4 or 5 in the near future. Never know when you might need to be in running shape.


  1. Dang beat me to it!

    Good riding with ya bra. Way to hammer with the truck draft! And that drag up Division. Holy cow! Good times. Glad you gave in to ride with us all. I can't believe your are working now. Criminey.

  2. Anonymous10:37 PM

    I thought you gave up A.R. racing? I would bet nationals being held in MO next year has something to do with this...CMac

  3. AR racing? Don't be starting vicious rumors like that. Think CX Nationals in our backyard.

    Mike its 11pm & I'm @ work while your dreaming sweet nothings.


  4. Anonymous6:06 PM

    I am hoping AR nats in Missouri has something to do with it.

    Double J

  5. I was thinking maybe a duathlon or 2

  6. Thanks for coming and I am glad you had fun. I plan on making the Wednesday what it use to be back in the day this next year.

  7. Wow a real celebrity has been to my blog!