Friday, November 09, 2007

CX Mag Review

Last weekend at Riverside CX Fest they were handing out copies of the First Cyclocross Magazine like it was toilet paper. I've had a chance to read it cover to cover & its pretty good. I know your saying a magazine just for Cross? Why not its a niche sport that needs a niche mag. A subscription will cost you &12 for 4 issues. Not too bad.

The Fall issue had interviews (in depth) with Katie Compton & Jonathan Page. They share some training & set up secrets. That's info we weekend warriors are looking for. I spend a lot of time looking at World Cup pics trying to figure out what the Pros are running. Getting it straight from the horses mouth is nice.

My favorite section is the Bike Hacker. Being one I can appreciate this info. They tell you how to run Campy Ergo levers with a Shimano Dérailleur. Supposedly it works great & is crazy light. Look for it on a bike of mine in the near future. I could read a whole magazine on nothing but bike hacks & set up ideas.

They have good coverage of Interbike from a cross perspective. All the new cross goodies coming to a LBS near you.

The mag could use more color but I understand it being a start up & cash is probably tight. All in all I think its worth a read & a look at all the great photos it has. If you can find it get it. I'm guessing though ordering a subscription is the best route. Ask nice & I might even share my copy.


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