Monday, November 12, 2007

Mr. Means Bed & Breakfast

Saturday Cale, TM,& I headed up for the spectacle that is the Columbia Intergalactic Planetary World Cross Championships. We knew it was going to be an interesting weekend of Crossing when we made it 50 feet out of the parking lot @ TM's place o bidness when we had to turn around so he could close the door on his truck. A mind is a beautiful thing to waste. After that minor set back we were on our way full of excitement to race in the cycling Mecca of BOCOMO. You hear about it but words just can't describe how honored one feels to have them allow you to join them in racing in their town. A mind blowing honor.
On the way up it dawned on us that Mizzou was having a home game @ the same time as the race. We wondered about how good an idea this was but later we'd find out first hand. Not so great it turns out. Traffic SUCKED!!!!!! to put it lightly. We probably could have parked in Springfield & rode up faster than traffic was moving on Stadium. It almost caused a bladder emergency. After finding the race. Let me tell you this was no small feat since they hid the course. Sneaky. If you can't beat the SPR Armada hide the course from them. After a few phone calls & some cryptic directions we find it.
A1 Course without a doubt. Thumbs Up. Though in my opinion it would have been better run in the other direction. But still a fine course. The start was a cluster & I got pushed off in the first corner so I had to do some quick thinking to make up places to get over the barrier. Most of that involved taking a sketchy line & jamming my peddle into my calf. But it worked & I was in the front group. For about twenty minute I was in a front group of 4 waiting for Butthead to get off the ground & chase back on. Just as I was ready to throw down the most viscous attack the BOCOMO had ever saw BAM my F'ing chain broke. Ah the luck. Columbia wouldn't have known what hit them. Plus it would have been embarrassing for them if an outsider rode off & made them look bad. Oh well I got to do some spectating. Cale rode well to hold up our honor coming in 4th, TM got 8thish, though if he'd been on tubbies could have gotten 7th. If your not racing Tubulurs your not racing cross.

The scene in Colombia is probably the best in the Big MO. Two Thumbs up. After the race & a quick fix on my useless chain we headed out for a spin of the local trails with Fish. Now we got to see the brilliance behind having a race the same day as a D1 Football game. Beer. It was every where. These kids no how to tail gate & have no problem sharing it with you. Fish also took us by a tailgate party to get us a little grub & a beer. Damn nice of him.

After the spin & a 40 min sit in gridlock we made it to the Mr. Mean's Bed & Breakfast. 6 Thumbs up accommodation's. I've crashed @ a lot of peoples houses for races but have never been emailed a menu before. The food. Where do I start?

Ronald himself couldn't have done better. McThumbs up! The first course started when we walked in the door. Then each course afterwards came in 2 hour waves mixed in with more beer. That man knows how to host. In fact I think he should write a book on proper bike racer hosting. The world would be a better place for it. I mean the man jumped on his bike @ 9pm to ride to the store to get Ice Cream & Cool Whip for the Cobbler he had just whipped up. I'm truly scared to weigh myself.

Mr. Means provides more than just a couch & a place to shower after a race. Its a full service hostel as well as a full service late night bike shop.

Cale says when I'm in town to kill Columbian's I always stay @ Mr. Means Bed & Breakfast.

3 more thumbs up for breakfast & coffee. Because what would a B&B be (3b's) without its breakfast. In this case Belgian waffles & a bottomless pot of coffee. Not no instant either the real deal. Unfortunately because of a freak accident @ home we had to bail on more coffee & the drive to Lawrence to race again. In worked out since I deep down wanted to start my recovery week a day early anyway. TM I hope all is well & if I can do anything let me know. Maybe a half pipe @ your house as a welcome home gift?


  1. A bladder emergency? I thought Gunga stayed at home for this trip?

  2. Tail gating at Mizzou, what a beautiful thing! Oh the memories, although somewhat fuzzy.

    Tail gating and beer=direct reflection of my college transcripts!

    Go Tigers beat the damn Chickenhawks.