Sunday, November 25, 2007

Quick Iowa Day 2 update

Much better 2nd day. Had a front row start spot. Got a great start. Hung out in the lead group till 2 go. Then stuck my head up my butt & got in no mans land by myself in third. Almost caught 2nd @ the line. Ended up 3rd for the day. Managed to get paid for both days. Good money for a Master's race. Today's run up was harder than yesterdays if that's possible. Screwed up my PSI in my front tire (20psi) spot on in the rear (28 psi) Yesterday I got it right on both @ 28psi. Spaced the front one when I got ready today. Felt like I was riding around on a slow leaker the whole race. Made the fast downhill scary since I kept thinking I was going to roll my tire off. Very tired from drive so will post pics & more later.

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  1. kevin1:48 PM

    Hey, Scott. Good racing with you. See you in K.C.-Kevin