Sunday, November 04, 2007

Riverside Cross Fest Day 2

Day 2 saw me being the first loser. The big fat 2nd place, bridesmaid. Damn bunny hopping barriers. I screwed up & killed any chances I had of winning early on. One of those days. Took a low speed crash warming up. Got a horrible start. Pulled my front brake cable hanger the first lap. Desperately needed a bike change. Couldn't change the bike or risk loosing the lead group I was in. Got to make a ton of mistakes on the course because of no front brake. I use it a ton since I normally load up the front wheel, which put me off my game and got in my head. On the final lap I had got away with the hopper. He had been gapping me at the barriers & I'd catch back on by the sand pit just before the finish. I took a bad line through the sand & got to watch first finish without getting to test out my sprint. Wrong tire pressure as well. Was at 39 psi should have been about 30-32, better yet should have been using Challenge Grifo Dries. Oh well that's a lot of excuses but I suck. Not the way I wanted to finish my last 3's race. Will post more later all for now.


  1. What no podium girls? Hope you at least won some more beer.


  2. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Nice job! Way to battle adversity! Adapt and overcome, you would have made a decent Marine, but they would have had you eating double rations at every meal.
    Greg P

  3. Busy busy.

    Good going.

    Milestone complete.