Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tired; so very, very tired

That about sums it up for last week. I could have slept 28 hours a day & it still wouldn't have been enough. The Double Double put me in the bottom of the well. I had to cut practices short & worse yet skip some completely. I guess my patch worked because I did pretty well this weekend by Jim's standards.

Right now I'm in day 2 of my two day rest program. I figured I'd better rest up a little so I could get in two quality practices instead of 3 or 4 really crappy ones. Besides I'm pretty sore from my warm up crash on Sunday. I guess I hit the deck harder than I thought because I'm really sore on my right side. Oh well News Flash Cross leaves you Bruised & tired.

I should be ready to get back on the horse tomorrow to get ready to start taking my man sized beatings this weekend. Double dose Columbia & Lawrence. Another Butthead beating oh boy! At least Tilford is in New Zealand so I won't suffer that humiliation.

USAC Racer
Cyclo-cross Cat 2 That's right its official. Damn, that sucks.

I'm bringing back "Tough". I raced with this bad boy this weekend, that was my key to success. I intimidated everyone into submission. Unfortunately I have a job interview this week & I don't think they'll appreciate "Tough" as much as I do so it must go. Shame too I really like it, though Amber hates it.
It's November & I mowed my yard yesterday. Crazy weather. My rose bush is so heavy with roses I had to stake it up to keep it from falling over. Sounds like fall is finally here though with a dip in temps. Although it's supposed to be warm again this weekend. Glad I got that long sleeve skin suit.

Mia has a double ear infection. Poor kid. She's a trooper, you would never know she's sick except for the coughing. That and the loss of sleep lately. Every night around 3am she's waking up. Last two night's I haven't been able to go back to sleep. Hopefully the antibiotics will cure her & keep Amber & me from getting sick.

Mike stay tuned post on my work bench/bike room is coming just for you. Its a doozy too. 30+ pics all for you.


  1. All for me? Oh lordie!

    You bottomed out good from the double stuff. Been there...from workouts.

    I'll be waiting with baited anticiipation. I need to get some Jujyfruits.

  2. Eat alot of good stuff!